3A Class Pet

After much discussion around having a class pet, along with many suggestions such as a spider, a snake, fish, a turtle, a baby crocodile and even a dwarf lantern shark, we finally settled on a budgie.

We then wrote a letter to our animal ethics representative Miss Townsend asking permission.

She then responded with some questions around how we would take care of our pet. As a class we researched and answered these questions including: how to look after a budgie, what they eat, what type of enclosure they would need and what not feed a budgie.

Miss Townsend then granted us approval and Mrs Allen purchased a budgie from the local pet shop.

We had a class discussion and suggested names for our new pet. We decided on ‘Sunny’ through a vote. We hope that Sunny enjoys being part of our class and that we will be able to tame it so he will perch on our hands and be able to spend time out of his cage.