Music Is Fun Band 2018 – Report

The Music Is Fun Band made its annual trip to CYS on Thursday June 7 to perform for our K-6 students and children from the Maitland Lutheran School and Ardrossan Area School.
As always, the band brought its high-excitement, high-participation concert to the Recreation Centre and it was just minutes after the show started that students were singing, dancing and clapping along with the opening song, the classic ACDC hit, “High Voltage Rock’n’Roll”.


Preparation for the show begins several months before, with students learning the songs being selected to dress up for one of the many audience-participation songs.
This year our students dressed as ACDC stars in the opening song, worms in ‘Doctor Worm’, superheroes in ‘Everyday Heroes’ and as baboons in ‘My Neighbourhood’s Been Taken Over By Baboons’.

Music Education

The show is not just about having fun, there’s a solid educational core as well.
This year we learned about the South American rainstick, improvisation, paradidle-drumming patterns, the drumline and bagpipes.


There were lots of special moments, but the giant worms of ‘Doctor Worm’ and the impassioned percussion playing in the finale were both audience favourites!

Thank you to…

Thank you to all the students; your behaviour and involvement was exemplary. Thank you to the classes that helped setup and then pack up the chairs and mats. Your help was particularly appreciated when it started pouring with rain!

And thank you to Andre Osterbaan and the Music Is Fun Band for yet another fantastic show!