2019 Splash Carnival

Our 2019 Splash Carnival was held on Friday February 22nd in very warm conditions, which encouraged everyone to enjoy the cool water of the pool. Our Principal, Mr Keleher, opened the proceedings and he kept the crowd entertained and informed commentating on the events and student nominated competitive races. 

Reception to Year 6 students from the Point Pearce and Maitland campuses cheered loudly and proudly for their teams. As always students participated well with great sporting behaviour and encouraged each other to their very best. 

Julie Adams Cup

The Julie Adams Cup that the teams were vying for, states participation as our major goal for this special day. It is also a wonderful celebration of the skills the students have learnt in formal swimming lessons and the progress they have all made. For this I wish to make a special mention of and thank you to our instructors, Mrs Jodie Ames and Mrs Shirley Lands, whose enthusiasm and ability to clearly teach the various strokes and safety measures was evident during the afternoon

New Events

There were several new events this year, with relay races across the pool for younger students and a variety of self-nominated relays using a variety of strokes along the length of the pool for older students.

The junior classes enjoyed their ‘Pirate Game’ and ‘Bob and Collect’.
The Year 6 Rope Throw (introduced last year where “drowning” students were saved through the rope throwing skills taught in lessons) was run again and along with the new ‘Mintie Munch’ proved popular with both the competitors and the crowd.

After a big defeat in 2018, the Sharks swam back with a narrow win over the Eagles, 84 to 79 points. Mrs Julie Adams proudly presented Sharks’ Captains Sam Davies and Annabel Johns with the cup, named in her honour and they responded with comments of jubilation for their win and respect for the opposition.

A wonderful crowd of family and friends were present to support the students and at the end of the day their help with cleanup was very much appreciated.

Beth Hector | Deputy Principal