Book Week 2019

What a great assembly we had for this year’s Book Week!

Congratulations to the Early Learning Centre for dancing to explain their book ‘Heads and Tails: Insects. Point Pearce Campus chose ‘Here Comes Stinkbug!’ and they all looked cute in their super hero costumes. The Reception class read the ‘Rainbow Bear’ and acted out the scenes – very entertaining. Year One chose ‘The Dress Up Box’ and used boxes to illustrate the story.

The Year 2/3 class chose ‘The Singing Seal’ and each student showed the picture they had drawn of a seal. Year 4 researched the ‘Dingo’ and acted out the story as Isis read it. Year 5 Jury/Dayman chose ‘The All New Must Have Orange 430’ they explained that they read the book and then decided to make objects out of paper which they showed. Year 5 Sharp chose ‘Chalk Boy’ and each student drew a poster with a Stymie saying which they then framed and showed to the audience. These are now in the Library for anyone to see. Year 6 chose ‘Bouncing Back: An Eastern Barred Bandicoot Story and they performed a play to show the plight of the Bandicoot.

Secret Helpers

Our secret helpers had checked out everyone’s costume during the day and chose the following students for best costume: Ted, Madison, Alani, Libby, Jono, Zane and Kiara.

Book of the Year

During the term students in the Reception/Year One, Year Four and Year Five Dayman/Jury class voted for which book they thought would win ‘Book of the Year’ from the books short-listed. Congratulations to Rhys and Jethro for selecting ‘His Name was Walter’ for Book of the Year: Younger Readers and Cameron for selecting ‘Cicada’ for Book of the Year: Picture Book.

Pat Hasting | Teacher- Librarian