Semester 2 Performing Arts

Semester 2 is the time when students are given the opportunity to showcase their learning in the Performing Arts. These opportunities range from individual assessments in class to formal concerts at school or in the wider community.

R-6 Drama

R-6 classes have been working on Circus skills in Drama this term. They have learned how to develop, focus and present an ‘act’ and how to interact with an audience. To showcase their skills they will present the ‘Central Circus Royale’ assembly on Tuesday, September 24 at 1:30pm ‘Under the Big Top’ in the Performing Arts Centre. Next term classes will work on stop animation and begin planning for the end of year celebrations.

R-7 Music

The R-3 classes are learning about pitch and how instruments and voices can produce both high and low sounds. The classes will be performing music at their class assemblies this term. The Year 4 class has been learning the ukulele and this term we have mastered more chords and can now accompany tuned instruments. At the end of the term we will perform ‘Baby Shark’ and ‘A Sailor Went to Sea’. The Year 5 classes have focused on pentatonic scales; five notes scales used in folk, rock and ethnic music. We’ve learned to play tunes using pentatonic scales, improvise our own tunes and play along with backing tracks on the iPad. The Year 6 and 7 classes are studying the development of ‘Hip Hop’ music, have learned how to beatbox, made rhythm grids and are writing their own rap songs.

8-10 Performing Arts

The Year 8 students are creating their own drama games and will be trialling them with a younger class. In Music they are planning a video ‘Lip Dub’ that will involve the whole school. A Lip Dub is like a music video with singers miming to songs, but filmed in one take as the camera follows a pathway through the school. We plan to shoot this is early Term 4. The Year 10 class is studying Blues Music and have learned to perform a blues accompaniment, improvise using blues scales and have been researching the life of a famous blues musician.

Festival Choir

The choir travelled to Adelaide earlier this term for the ‘Magic Millions’ rehearsal in preparation for the Festival of Music concert in week 9. Students have auditioned for solos, practised singing and choreography and are excited about being involved in this huge event.

Junior Concert Band

The Junior Concert Band rehearses together every few weeks and the improvement from first term has been enormous! They are developing their repertoire ready for their first concert and will begin learning Christmas songs soon to perform at shows in Term 4.

Senior Concert Band

This has been an enormous year for the Concert Band with performances with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Immanuel College already under their belt, In Term 4 the band will perform at Ardrossan Area School in week 1, at the CYS Showcase Concert in week 4, be on Band Tour in week 7 and entertain at the Currie Lights in week 8. They’ll also be involved in the annual Christmas on the Green.

All of the teachers in the Performing Arts team appreciates the support and encouragement families give their children for their involvement in school assemblies, performances, concerts and special events. Please feel free to contact us at school if you have any queries.

Tim Tuck | Performing Arts Coordinator

Betina Davies | Drama Teacher

Val McLean | Drama Teacher

Deb Schwartz | Instrumental Teacher

Dominic Meehan | Instrumental Teacher