‘True Colours’ Program

On Tuesday 30th April, Neil Davis, who established the Sammy D Foundation visited Central Yorke School to deliver a 90 minute presentation to the Year 6 and 7 classes. Neil is the father of Sam Davis who was killed tragically after a senseless violent act in 2008.

The Impact Presentation delivered by Neil is the first part of the program that sets the scene for a student led inquiry into bullying and violence and its devastating impact on all involved. The program will be facilitated by home group teachers Hannah Clift and Jaynelle Le Feuvre over the next 8 weeks.

The students engaged respectfully during the presentation and participated enthusiastically in all of the activities during the session.

The name ‘True Colours’ reflects the critical moment a decision is made whether to engage in, or react to a bullying or violent situation. At that moment what are your true colours? Will you walk away? Will you stop a mate? Will you say no to bullying and violence!

As a matter of interest, two of the Sammy D Foundation ambassadors are Sasha Glasgow and Sam Jacobs from the Yorke Peninsula! If you would like any more information about the Sammy D Foundation go to www.sammydfoundation.org.au

Helen Moloney | School Counsellor