Year 5 and Reception collaborative Mathematics

Maths can be lots of fun, but it’s always more fun when it’s a game!

That’s why on Friday May 24, Miss Daymans Year 5 class and Reception class joined together for some Maths fun outside the classroom on the tennis courts.

There were three stations for students to work through. At the first station students had to roll two dice together to create a random number.

At the second station students had to find the special Numicon shapes that matched the numbers they rolled back at station 1 then add them together.

At the third station they had to put a counter on the correct answer.

The Year 5’s were challenged with a more difficult task, and on their turn they had to multiply the numbers to get their answer.

We had some very puffed people at the end after all that running!

We finished off our buddy class activity some buddy reading, which was a bit more relaxing!

Courtney Dayman | Year 5 & Reception Teacher