Youth Opportunities Scholarship

In 2018, I was fortunate enough to be one of the 18 students from our school to be selected for the Youth Opportunities Program. Youth Ops is a personal leadership program available for students. It is a program that enables students to develop positively as individuals and teaches valuable personal motivational skills.

Examples of things I took away from the program were; self-confidence, planning and organisational skills, resilience, problem solving skills, self-motivation, leadership, and a clearer insight into future goals.

At the start of this year, the students who took part in the program could apply for a scholarship. This scholarship was to go towards things to help with future planning. Tutoring, driving lessons and laptops were some of the options available. Filling in a few forms about my future plans, grades, and why I believed I would be a good candidate for a scholarship, and how it would help me in the future, was an easy and straightforward process.

I was lucky enough to win a scholarship for $1,000 which I will use for driving lessons and to gain my license, which will help me when I attend university in the coming years. The Youth Opportunity program is one that I would recommend as I have gained a lot from this course.

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