Secondary School News – Week 3

Fantastic results

2021 is certainly off to a flyer! After a short summer break this year has begun with a flurry and within a few short weeks it feels as if we never left 2020.
Classes have completed their introductory activities and as I tour the secondary classes I see a range of activities underway. It’s great to see Canvas being utilised alongside traditional teaching and even better to see this year’s Year 8s mentoring the Year 7s as they learn a new system. In fact, i is hard to believe that only twelve months ago l was teaching Year 8s to save Word documents and now they are integrating ICT seamlessly into their classroom activities.


This is my first opportunity to congratulate the class of 2020 on their fantastic results. Three of our students were in the top 11% of the state before any bonus points were awarded, an amazing reflection on the dedication and hard work throughout their primary and secondary years. Many other students achieved individual success including high grades in a range of new and modernised SACE subjects. Well done.

SRC elections

The SRC elections have been held and it’s good to see a range of students putting their hand up for an opportunity to represent their peers. Being chosen as a Class Representative or Prefect is a great privilege, one I’m sure this year’s group greatly respect. I wish all our leaders a successful year and believe that they will do a great job of representing our school and our student body.

Canvas courses

Lastly I’d like to encourage all parents to sit with their children and have a look through their Canvas courses. These will continue to be developed over the term and are a good way of keeping in touch with the work that is being completed in the classroom including assessment and feedback.
The program can be accessed through the school website and there is an App available that allows course work to be viewed via any mobile device.