Sheree Klopp

Captain Sheree Johansen

Sheree (then Sheree Klopp) attended Maitland Area School from Year 8 through 12. She learned clarinet from Debbie Schwartz and was an active member of the YP Concert Band and the MAS Jazz Band.

On leaving school she took up classical performance on clarinet at the University of Adelaide, and whilst studying she also joined the Australian Army Band Adelaide as a reservist.

Having enjoyed the work and lifestyle of the Army Band, she transferred to a full-time position, and has since posted to bands in Sydney, Wagga Wagga, Townsville, and Canberra. She has particularly enjoyed taking part in each band’s different roles within the community.

Outside of work, Sheree and her husband Phil have enjoyed the various posting locations and different experiences that each town and city has been able to offer themselves and their three children.

On completion of the Band Officer Course in 2021, Sheree was commissioned to the rank of Captain, and this year is appointed as Second in Command of the Australian Army Band Melbourne.

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