Learning In a Different Way

Over the past few months we have all learnt to do things a little differently when it comes to learning in a different way, and staying healthy. Although seen as an inconvenience in many ways, this COVID 19 situation has shown how adaptable and resilient we can all be. We know as a school community that if we ever have to deal with something similar again, we will be ready.

Positive Transitions

Despite the Community still remaining in Lockdown, recently our students have seen some positive transitioning back into their normal learning environment. The yellow school bus is now transporting our Year 3-12 Aboriginal students to and from the Maitland Campus, and almost all learning is now occurring face to face. The Kindy and R-2 students (living in Point Pearce) and their staff are now all allowed back on site, and this week the Occasional Care and Playgroup sessions will start up as well. Families still drop off and pick up their children at the gates, and the children are practicing hand sanitising and hand washing very regularly and distancing wherever possible.

Pleased to be back

The children, staff and families are all very pleased and excited about being back on site, and we are hoping that very soon all students living off of Point Pearce Community who are enrolled here will be able to return as well. We are hoping to receive the OK from authorities soon.

Bonfire time

Over the last week we have been busy building another huge Community bonfire to burn at the end of term (hopefully), and have made some ‘Scary Games’ with Mr Love which we have enjoyed playing.

Dave Love | Head of Point Pearce