Nharangga Warra – Counting to 10

We have been working on creating Narungga language resources to be used in the classroom and have developed a Google Classroom for learning that includes instructional videos and learning documents. These include ‘Counting 1-10’, ‘Wash Your Mara (Hands)’ and ‘Greetings’. If you would like to check it out, your student can access using their email login details.

We’re going to share some of our Narungga language every fortnight in the newsletter and this week is counting 1-10.

A big thank you to the Point Pearce students who helped, including Jahleel Haradine, Shaquayne Smith, Drealan Elliott, Kym Karpany, Liaran Durkay, Eugene Sansbury, Natayah Elliott, Sharon Wilson, Alaani Newchurch, Greg Wanganeen and Eli Taylor.

We hope you enjoy learning Narungga language as much as we do.

Ngayi yunggu (Thank you),

Sonya Rankine