Term 1 Performing Arts Programs

The Performing Arts Centre has been a hive of activity for the start of 200, with school Music and Drama classes, MacLit and MiniLit groups, Festival Choir, YP Combined Schools Concert Band rehearsals, the Maitland Auto Preservation Society, and the maitland Music & Arts Club Youth Theatre Junior Dance Group.
The Centre has also hosted Primary Assemblies, the School Leaders Induction Ceremony, Sportsday Practices, Police Information Sessions and SRC and House Captain elections.

R-10 Music & Drama Programme


In Music the Receptions have been exploring Beat and Pulse through the theme ‘Special People’. In Drama with Mrs Davies they have been exploring Mime and Movement.

Year 1

The Year 1’s are learning about rhythms and beat and are creating their own special rhythms to create a chant about Roary, the PAC Dragon. In Drama they have been developing their mime and movement skills.

Year 2

The Year 2 Class has started Recorder lessons. Each child has their own recorder and book to practise at home with several students leapfrogging to learn more difficult songs ahead of the class. In Drama, they have been learning how to use puppets to tell a story.

Year 3/4

In Music the class is developing the skills to compose descriptive pieces of music using animals as a stimulus. In Drama we have been developing our Mime skills and working towards presenting a special mime adventure story.

Year 5/6

The Year 5/6 classes are learning about Cyclic music and rehearsing a traditional African musical piece with polyrhythms, improvisation and dance. In Drama we are exploring ‘Emergency Scenarios’ and students are currently developing film skills by creating a DRS ABCD documentary.

Year 7/8

In Music the Year 7/8 classes are learning about keyboard instruments, their construction, how to play them and some of their history. In Drama they have looked at how video interviews are filmed and are practising to create their own.

Year 9/10

The Year 9/10 Class are developing their skills in arranging and composition and have been making their own versions of songs such as the ‘Batman Theme’ and ‘Blister In the Sun’. They have also investigated YouTube ‘explainer videos’ and are making their own videos to explain some useful (and funny) essential skills.

Festival Choir

Rehearsals for the 2020 Festival Choir have begun with conductor Debbie Schwartz and accompanist Jonny Gorden. The Choir meets in lesson 4 each Wednesday. It has been pleasing to see more than twenty students attending, with an increase in the number of boy participants.

Instrumental Music

Our Year 5 students have started their instrumental music programme learning flute, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone and trombone. Thank you to all families who have been encouraging their children to practice and review their lessons.