You may have noticed around the ELC visual learning displays with questions which prompt,

Ask Me About…

The purpose of this is to support children’s oral language development and give the provocation to families to engage and share in their children’s learning.
We have created an inquiry space with Peacock feathers for educators and children to be intentional in the questions they ask. This in turn fosters children’s ideas, theories and wonderings. Resources such as, non-fiction books and mark making tools support children in their curiosity, to research and record what they are exploring and discovering.

“We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.” (Lloyd Alexander).

In this space, you will also find information about the importance of questioning to develop children to be ‘thinkers’ and have the ability to communicate their knowledge and ideas. There are also examples of open ended questions to prompt both educators and families in their conversations with children.
We have also created a floorbook to support children’s strong interest in constructing with the various construction resources on offer. Children are also keen to share with educators what they have made using these materials.
We hope you find these spaces useful in sharing your child’s learning journey with them. You are more than welcome to add your voice to our visual displays and floorbook.