Year 11’s – Led Steer

The steers and students are building relationships and we our now putting halters on in the yards, washing the steers to stimulate hair growth and build trust and leading in the small yard. The students understand the importance of good nutrition in relation to weight gain and how different animals have different feed conversion ratios. Our steers Banjo, Brian and Jordan are entered into the Stock Journal virtual on hoof parade, the Royal Adelaide Show carcass competition and the Livestock Kadina Show.
Year 12’s – over half way

Hannah, Shayla and Jess have been busy researching, analysing and writing reports on assessing and judging cattle on hoof and on hook, reporting on pests and diseases in relation to biosecurity, taking soil samples and setting up trial plots to assess the amount of tiller growth with various nitrogen applications, being tested on the importance of condition scoring sheep and the flow on effect with joining, lambing and lamb survival.