SAASTA Shield Competition

Students from the Central Yorke SAASTA Academy recently travelled to Adelaide to participate in the annual SAASTA Shield competition, which was attended by students from 18 academies across the state. The students had the opportunity to compete in a Badminton competition at The Lights Community and Sports Centre on the Wednesday and played Soccer at MetroStars on Thursday. Also included in the events, were challenging activities organized by Pushing Performance, Workabout Centre and the Australian Defence Force and a clinic run by the Adelaide Lightning players.
In the badminton competition, teams of 8 played as pairs against selected teams with CY being victorious in all 4 matches played. This success resulted in them playing off against Mark Oliphant for the badminton championship, but unfortunately they were not successful.

The next day brought the soccer competition, where the results were not as impressive as we had hoped for.

However, the SAASTA Shield is decided not only by the team’s performance in both sporting competitions, but also by their achievement and maintenance of the Key Performance Indicators of academic performance, attendance, behaviour, team work, pride and respect throughout the semester.
Due to our student’s achievement of the KPI’s, we were able to play off for the SAASTA shield in a game of soccer against North East academy. North East’s soccer skills showed through and in the end we were defeated 4 goals to 1.
The CY students are to be congratulated on this achievement – an effort they are very worthy of. They have displayed these attributes to a high level throughout the 2021 school year and are all a credit to themselves and to the academy.

Congratulations are also given to Telera and Kane. Telera was the winner of an ipad for submitting a survey response as part of the Aboriginal Career Exploration (ACE) program for Year 10 students which supports them as they figure out their career pathway. Kane was selected in the elite soccer squad for training and played in an exhibition team in a staff v student soccer game at the SAASTA Shield event.