Fostering Whole School Relationships

Relationships is one of the three school values at Central Yorke School. Why relationships? Relationships support and influence a child/student level of participation and engagement in the program and curriculum. Positive relationships with educators and peers also influence, their level of attendance, their social and emotional development, as well as their behaviours and dispositions for learning such as, confidence, resilience and risk taking.

Our ELC philosophy also identifies relationships as one of our core values. One of the statements in our philosophy highlights the importance of working together with families and school communities.

” Relationships…. are working together with families and school communities to provide all children with quality programs and opportunities enabling strong foundations for school transitions.”

The notion of ‘continuity of learning’ to support and guide children/students with their key transition points from Birth to 18 years, is a whole school focus. As a school we are being creative in the programs we offer and utilising opportunities to support transition and whole school relationships. These programs include, Little Groovers, extended school transition, school students spending time in the ELC for play based learning, teachers and SSO’s working across the school and the ELC children accessing the many resources and specialised learning environments at Central Yorke.

Shared Reading

This term, the ELC children during their fortnightly library visits have been engaged in shared reading with the Miss Muir’s year 5/6 class. This has been highly successful with many benefits for both groups of children and students. It has also supported our targeted learning outcomes around our PQIP (site improvement) goal of developing children’s phonological awareness of initial sounds, syllabification and rhyme to develop children’s early reading skills. It is also supporting the 5/6 students who are reluctant to read to pick up a book and read. What better way than sharing a book with a friend! Best of all, there is a buzz of excitement and fun during these sessions.
If you have any further questions or have concerns about your child, please do not hesitate in making a time to speak with us.