SAASTA Painting

The stage 2 SAASTA students completed a creative presentation that required them to create a team story and transfer that onto a painting. The painting will then be used on their Guernsey for Power Cup in Term 2 also the canvas will be displayed at the new Tarrkarri centre for first nations culture in Adelaide.

Our Design

The design tells the story of us coming from different communities from far and wide and meeting together in the middle of Narungga country to share and create new memories. The journey to the meeting place shows the communities we come from through the use of postcodes that we travel from each week. The prints along the journey are representatives of the Narungga Totems, both the Kangaroo (Wawi) and the Emu (Garrdi). We have incorporated the other two totems, the Shark (Widhadha) and Eagle (Wildu) on the corners. Down the bottom of the painting there are two hands shaking, displaying we are all coming together and forming a family to have for life. The words in the Narungga language are Yaggana’s and Banyas (Sisters and Brothers).