Stage 1 & 2 Nutrition Aquaponics Excursion

The Stage 1 and Stage 2 Nutrition classes include several students from Ardrossan Area School. To help these students and to grow the relationships between students from both schools we have held several lessons at Ardrossan.
On Thursday the 14th of September we had the second trip for this term. The Stage 2 students have been looking into future farming techniques as ways to increase food production. This involves understanding the aquaponics process. While on our most recent trip to Ardrossan, we were fortunate enough to see their aquaponics set up.
The system has two fish tanks, which have water removed, filtered and used to water vegetables. The water is then recycled, filtered again and added back into the fish tanks. The food grown is used in their Food and Hospitality classes.

Hannah Gaisford | SACE Teacher