Japan Trip 2018

During the holidays I was fortunate enough to travel with ten of our students to Japan.
The trip was fantastic with us spending three days in Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima.
For me, the sheer amount of people in any one place at any time was a sight to see. At 11pm at night the subways and trains were still packed with people travelling home from work. Tokyo station was so busy all the time. For the students they loved the temples, the castles, the sheer size and let’s not forget Disneyland!
The students represented our school with maturity and pride and got to experience many new firsts. This included different food, language, history lesson and an immersion in the Japanese culture. Their conduct and respect as visitors to a foreign land was excellent.
On a personal note the highlight for me was the Peace Park in Hiroshima. To actually be at the site where the A-bomb was dropped was very moving.
The teaching moment I will never forget was watching our students in the remembrance hall all sit in a different area and just reflect.
This was very powerful and history lesson that they would never learn behind a desk.
I think we all came back a little different after the Peace Museum. If you want to see more pictures of Japan then jump on our FaceBook site and have a look at the 1000 photos and video blogs.
World Teachers Day Friday October 26th
Every day in hundreds of classrooms across the State, teachers share their knowledge with more than 170,000 school students. When knowledge is shared, skills are gained and students’ lives can be changed.
World Teachers Day is a day set aside every year for children, students and old scholars to say thank you to their teachers. World Teachers Day is this Friday and I personally want to thank Central Yorke School teachers for their dedication and commitment to maintaining the highest standards in public education.
Student messages
We encourage families to be as organised as possible and make arrangements in regards to their children’s activities prior to them leaving is for the school day.
If arrangements do change during the day then we do encourage you to contact the front office before 12 o’clock so we can get that message to your child’s teacher and to your child. In a school this size is very difficult if we get messages just prior to end of school day. Your support this matter is greatly appreciated.
I hope you have a great start to Term 4. For us we will be concentrating on getting our Year 12’s prepared for their exams in the first few weeks, before we shift our attention to the rest of the school completing their programs and celebrating the end of the Year. Like always if you have anything you want to tell us about, please pop into the front office and see one of the friendly staff.
Until Next Time.
Grant Keleher.