7/8 Aquatics Camp

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On the 17th February, the Year 7 and 8 classes gathered at the bus bay to go to our camp at Port Vincent. When we got to Port Vincent we went straight to Tuckerway Hostel, dropped off our bags and then went to the beach.
When we got there we put on our life jackets (PFD) and wet suits and went straight into our first activity. There were four activities: kneeboarding, sailing, paddle boarding and kayaking.

After our first activity, there was a lunch break, then we had another two activities and then walked back to Tuckerway. Once we got back we started having s

howers and had dinner. We had a salad, spuds and a lovely barbie cooked by Mrs Stutley.

Later that night before bed we had Quik and bikkies and when Mr Baker arrived, we did riddles and then went to bed.

Day Two

On day 2, we woke up bright and early, packed our bags and had brekkie which was either toast or cereal. After we tidied up, we left our bags at Tuckerway and walked down to th

e beach.

Once we got there we put life jackets and wetsuits back on, we did the activity that we did not do yesterday, but it was too windy to go sailing, so we learnt how to drive the boats.

We then repeated activities that we did yesterday, in between we had a snack break and a lunch break, where we went to either the kiosk, IGA or the corner shop (it was very delicious.) Once we finished all our activities, we got changed, hopped on the bus, picked up our bags from Tuckerway and went home.
We voted on our favourite activities, with kneeboarding being the most enjoyed by half of our group, ranging through all the other things that we did, ending with one vote for sleeping!

By Bella and Pearl