Team VS Team

Throughout Semester 1, students within the Football Academy have continued to develop and refine their fundamental football skills.

Despite the recent isolation challenges, the students have bonded well as a squad and are working cohesively as a team. Last week, the students were divided into two teams, Team Trenorden and Team Clifford. Throughout the day, the teams were faced with a number of different challenges and games, focusing on fitness, skill development and team collaboration. Unfortunately, Team Clifford were the best team on the day and took home the chocolates.

Theory time

Regarding the theoretical component, the students are currently working on a technique analysis. This included a video analysis of the drop punt technique or goal-kicking technique, referring to the hip-range, knee bend and ball drop. Additionally, students had to identify and discuss various biomechanical principles involved in the technique. As we approach the end of the term, we are starting to see a reduced impact of COVID-19 restrictions. Hopefully in the near future the football component will return to normal and we will be able to play some games against other schools.
If you think that the Football Academy might be something for you, please speak to Mr Clifford or myself to discuss how you can enrol. Semester 2 enrolments will be open from next week.

Luke Trenorden