Fast 5 Netball

There hasn’t been a lot happening in the world of school sport lately but it is great to see our lunchtime sport competitions back up and running. This term we have seen a fierce competition between secondary students and teachers in a Fast5 Netball competition.

At the time of publication we had completed 3 weeks of competition. The 6 team ladder currently has the Year 8’s on top followed by the Year 11/12 team then the Teachers, 10A, 10B and the Year 7’s. The event has been drawing big crowds at lunchtime who are eager to watch some good netball and to escape the cold winds outside. After the final few games this week we will have a quick finals series at the start of week 8 before we finish the term with a quick two week tournament of ‘Tchoukball’ (an indoor team sport developed in the 1970s by Swiss biologist Dr Hermann Brandt).