This week began the 2-week residency of the Carclew Aboriginal Artists in School (AAIS) Narungga residency at Central Yorke School.
Janet Milera (Narungga artist), Clem Newchurch (Narungga artist) and Mali Allen (Carclew Artist Assistant) began working with the Year 5, 6, 7 & 8 students reflecting on the Culture Trip. They guided the students to reflect through art. Students learnt how to draw fish and other sea creatures with Clem. The artwork the students have done today will help guide the final mural design.

Students this week will also view Clem’s award-winning documentary on Butterfish and hear many more stories of Clem’s love of fishing. Later in the week students will be learning from Clem how to make string which was then used to make fishing nets. Peter Turner will also be joining us to share his knowledge of string making and other Narungga stories of culture and history. Looking forward to sharing more of our journey with Carclew on Narungga country.