SA Water Visit

The Year 4-6 students worked with visitors from SA Water on Thursday March 4, learning about water conservation. After a group session looking at how water is supplied to households and what we can do to conserve water, the students broke into groups for practical sessions.

In the first session, Tony the Plumber taught the class how to spot a leaking tap, how to turn off the water mains, the procedure for removing the washer, and how to replace it and reassemble the tap. This proved great fun, with water going everywhere from eight leaky taps and students wielding shifters and attempting to stop the water flow.

In the second session, Grace and Wendy showed the class two water samples; one a murky brown, the other crystal clear. Students then made predictions about the suitability of the two samples for drinking. They used pH strips to test the liquids and discovered the clear water was actually quite acidic (vinegar!) and the murky liquid was quite drinkable (coffee).
Thank you to all the presenters for an engaging and educational session.