Fantastic Start to Term 3.

The start of Term 3 has been a fantastic one. It has been wonderful to have Miss Kath back in the R-2 Class after her trip to New York. The children have been engaging in their lessons and attendance has been very good. It has been great to receive phone calls and messages from families when children are absent. There has been some wonderful schoolwork and learning occurring.

Kindy Story Table

For the first two weeks the children have been looking at non-fiction books on their Story Table around the topics of Snow and Rain. The children did some experiments around making rain and rainbows. They made rain in a jar which they all enjoyed.

R-2 Transition Update

This Term the R-2 Class will continue with its Transition Program of visiting the Maitland Campus on Fridays and learning with classmates of their own ages.

A big thanks goes to the teachers at Maitland Campus Miss Courtney, Miss Sarah and Miss Anna for supporting the program, and ensuring that our children are made to feel so welcome.  The R-2 children will be spending more ‘ride time’ on the big yellow Point Pearce school bus as the term progresses.

Term 2 Performance

Towards the end of Term 2 the R-2 Class were invited to perform an Aboriginal song ‘Proud To Be Me’ at the unveiling of a beautiful painting done by Violet Buckskin at the front of the Chatt Centre in Maitland.

They all performed well in front of a large, unknown crowd, with special support from Miss Linda. The children enjoyed a wonderful feed afterwards, and were allowed to climb onto the triceratops for a photo each.

ICT Upgrades

After lots of issues and many hours of sorting out glitches with our ICT, we are now happy to report that the children are fully connected to the internet in their classrooms when using their I pads. The smart board in the R-2 Classroom is working well, and our phone connection with Telstra has been improved due to the installation of a new antenna. The staff and children would like to thank both Jodie Ames and Angas McEvoy for their support and perseverance in getting things sorted. It is certainly helping the children with their learning in the classroom. We are now in the process of purchasing some new apps to install on to their individual iP{d

Family Bonfire and BBQ

Next Monday August 12th. we are planning to hold a bonfire out the back of our site.

Children have been studying the uses of fire, and they have been very busy building a fire to; firstly burn to keep warm and secondly to do some cooking on.

They have decided that they want to toast marshmallows and cook some potatoes in jackets in the coals. A family barbecue will be happening as well. The children are all very excited about this happening. Later on in the term we are planning to have a traditional meal cooked in the coals.