Great Start Back At Point Pearce

We welcome back this year 18 students in the R-2 Class and 12 children into the Pre-School world. Attendance has been extremely good averaging 94% in the R-2 Class and 75% in the Kindy.  Community members and children have shared stories about their recent holidays, and the children are all pleased to be back seeing their friends and staff again.

New staff welcome

This year we welcome the following new staff to work with our children:

  • Amanda Wheeler – 0.6 Special Education Teacher
  • Jill Huntley – 0.2 Pre-School Teacher
  • Rachel Prout – SSO1 working with Intervention students.

We also continue to have Miss Kath, Miss Rachel, Miss Linda, Miss Jacki, Miss Jodie, Aunty Charlotte, Aunty Sonya, Sarah Klopp, Narelle Swan and Graham Johnson working at our site as they have in previous years.

IESP Funding

The site has been successful in obtaining substantial IESP funding to support our children with special learning needs. This has meant that we are able to provide more individualised learning timetables and programs for these children.  We are now in the process of trialling some different structures across our site to accommodate these needs. Community have expressed their appreciation for this much needed support.
Transition program

The R-2 Class will start their Transition Program from the first week of Term 1. This means that R-2 children will once again attend Maitland Campus on Fridays and be integrated into appropriate year level classes from Recess until home time. It is an important part of their week, where they mix with other children and experience different staff, activities and routines, and attend Assemblies.

The children enjoy Transition Days. A big thankyou goes to Mrs. Allen, Miss Dayman and Ms Atkins for their support in this program.

Come & visit Point pearce!

I’ve thrown thrown the challenge out to CYS and invited each staff member and their students to visit the Point Pearce Campus at least once this year.  Central Yorke School is in a unique situation with the campuses it has, and I believe that everyone can benefit from greater interaction between them all, whether it be a Year 9 science group, a Kindy Group, or a Year 6 HASS class, Point Pearce has something to offer everyone. The facilities and local knowledge should be accessed and utilised by everyone. I look forward to staff booking in times over the 2020 school year.

Meet the Teacher

Our staff members are looking forward to having the Maitland Campus staff visit our site at Point Pearce on Tuesday February 11th. for a ‘Meet the Staff’ BBQ. Everyone who has connections with the school is welcome to attend, touch base and meet with any new staff members.