7/8T Project Based Learning – Commemorative Footpath

For their 2018 Project Based Learning Unit, 7/8T have posed the question: “How could we design a pathway to celebrate our school’s 50th anniversary?”

In preparation, students have viewed pictures of Winston Churchill’s memorial in the UK, discussed potential sites with Mr Tuck, visited the CHATT centre in the heart of Maitland, made scale maps of school areas, helped fly a drone to take detailed aerial photographs and enlisted the help of senior animation students to create Virtual Reality walkthroughs.

They have also researched suitable plants and trees for the paths environment and will investigate different types of pavers, and brick laying patterns and calculate costings for the different designs.

Memorial stones, engraved bricks and historical aspects will also be incorporated into their finished project which will be on view at the PBL Expo on June 29.