9/10 HASS: Trench Warfare

In Year 9/10 HASS we have been learning about World War 1. We have researched specific battles on the Western Front in relation to the upcoming commemoration of 100 Years since Armistice. Last week we engaged in a hands-on learning experience to understand the implementation of trench warfare and what conditions were like for soldiers.
In the Rec centre we set up benches, storage containers and cones as the trenches, bins as trees and tennis and soft balls as types of ammunition.
The purpose of the simulation was to use balls to knock down the other team’s trenches and capture the “town” they were protecting. Within our teams we had to design and implement three trench systems: front, support and reserve. We also had to nominate others to take positions of responsibility.
This simulation helped us understand what it was like to be fighting in the war non-stop.
Soldiers had to be watching out for bombs and ammunition, repair their trench every time it was damaged and be ready for anything even when they were sleeping.
Our favourite part was when we changed positions because you were able to try each trench and see what was different about each one.
We also enjoyed learning about the different roles that were given to soldiers (e.g. Capt, Lieut, Major Gen).
Even though we were only using sports equipment as weapons it was still scary when someone was coming towards you. From this task we gained a good understanding of how scared the soldiers would have been whilst in their trenches.

Naivey Klopp and Jessica Baker