Term 3 Changes at Point Pearce

Considering the changes to staff and timetables for Term 3, things have started quite smoothly at the Point Pearce Campus.

New Staff

Kath Magarey

Kath is teaching in the R-2 class Monday through to Thursday, filling a 0.8 position.

Kath comes to our site with a wide range of experiences in working in Aboriginal Communities in the NT, and has recently taught at Swallowcliffe PS teaching Indonesian. Her understanding, caring, happy nature is achieving successes already.

Linda Heinrich

Linda is working three mornings a week covering APSA SSO support in the R-2 Class. She has proven already to be great support for the staff and students. Linda also competently stood in for Ros Allen in the R-2 class last week.

Sarah Klopp

Sarah is working on Thursdays and Fridays supporting Charlotte with Occasional Care and Playgroup sessions.

Sarah has returned to our site after a long absence, and has already developed good working relationships with the staff and children.

Changes to Timetables

New timetable changes for this term include the R-2 Transition Day to Maitland Campus moving to Fridays, and Occasional Care and Playgroup now running on Thursdays and Fridays.

The R-2 Class has an allocated Library time at Maitland on Friday mornings, and is able to attend all CYS School Assemblies on Friday afternoons.

With the Kindy, Occasional Care and Playgroup sessions being held on different days, it has ensured that we are not running sessions over capacity, and children are receiving better quality learning times with their smaller groups. Kindy sessions continue to run at the same times as they always have.

R-2 Library Sessions

The R-2 students have been enjoying accessing the CYS Library on Friday mornings.

Structured lessons on what resources are available, proper borrowing procedures and familiarising themselves with the layout, will ensure that our children are comfortable in using and accessing this great facility when they transition there full time. A big thanks to Lee-Anne Breward for all of her support.

Homework Centre

To support our students in keeping up with their learning, a Homework Centre has started this week. It is operating out of the Point Pearce School Library from 3:30-4:30pm. on Mondays.

April Wilson is the Coordinator, with Sonya Rankine and Dave Love supporting students of any age with their homework and learning. Any students from CYS are welcome to access this service.

New Windows

Over the last holidays, we had our Pre-School and R-2 Classroom windows removed and replaced.

They all have matching security roller blinds installed as well. It has made the classrooms a lot lighter for the children to work in. They look great!