Biology Field Trip

In the year 11 Biology class we have been learning about Biodiversity and different Ecosystems.

On Wednesday the 8th of May we travelled to Port Victoria to study Jetty ecosystems and Beach ecosystems.

We identified the biotic (Living) and abiotic (Non-Living) factors in each ecosystem, as well as the human impacts and adaptations animals have made to thrive and survive. Humans have impacted both the jetty and beach ecosystems in a variety of ways.

As the jetty was man made, we found that it has changed the ecosystem but has also created a new habitat, created shelter and produced different food sources for the fish in the area. The pollution levels, marine life, habitats, and erosion rates have all been affected by humans. When we leave rubbish such as plastic bottles and bags along the beach, destroying habitats and creating pollution and killing species, it has a huge impact on the ecosystem. The field trip gave us a great insight into the ecosystems of the area, and it was an interesting and informative trip to learn about the all of the biodiversity of in the area.