Christmas On the Green

Our annual Christmas On the Green family concert was held a little earlier this year on November 27th and a warm, balmy evening ensured a large turnout of students, families and community members.
The R-6 classes performed ‘Rat-a-Tat-Tat’, a short musical that told the story of the first Christmas through the eyes of a drum-playing shepherd. The Year 6 class provided the main characters with Sophie Davies as the Little Drummer Boy. Other classes provide copious shepherds, angels and sheep. The musical ended with a contemporary version of ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ which the year 5/6 students performed a choreographed dance to.

The Little Groovers joined forces with the ELC to perform ‘Singing In the rain’ which delighted the audience who soon joined in. The school Festival Choir sang a selection of Christmas Carols and songs from this year’s repertoire, while the Junior Concert Band performed Christmas favourites.

Around the stage were stalls such as the Governing Council’s BBQ, the Parents & Friends drink stand and various class stalls selling food, drinks and games.
A big thank you to the Davies family for the loan of their trailer, to YP AG for the loan of their tent and to IMS teacher Debbie Schwartz for her work with the band and choir. Thank you to all the students (and parents!) who attended and performed, and to the staff and school community members who ran stalls.

A great community night and a wonderful way to herald our Christmas Season.

Tim Tuck | Coordinator