Errappa Camp 2019


On the 17th of June, the years 7,8 and 9 students went on the Errappa Blue light Police Camp. On the Monday morning bright and early the students hopped on the bus.

They arrived at Errappa around lunch time, unpacked and met Dave the policeman who ran the camp. After going through the rules we began our first activity, team building. This included throwing tires over poles, switching places on a log without touching the ground and using crates to get to a line 20 metres away without touching the ground. The other half of the group went into the hall with Paul, the other policeman, for some mind games.
After the long afternoon of games the students had free time until tea. For tea we had a delicious barbecue and salad followed by an enjoyable quiz with Mr Trenorden and Mrs L.


On Tuesday morning we woke up nice and early, ate breakfast and got into groups for orienteering. Dave and Paul ran through the rules and showed us how to work the walkie talkie, GPS and map. The teams had to work out who would run to what station. All the students really enjoyed orienteering because they got to run all over the town of Iron knob and find letters. After a tight finish the ‘CYS Cidz’ took the win.

We then went to the Iron Knob museum to learn about how the town came to be. For lunch we had Pizza and anxiously waited to begin the high ropes course.
The high ropes consisted of 3 different ropes about 12 metres high. Many kids overcame fears and stepped out of their comfort zones. Next the first group for the flying fox got to go as the rest watched. Before tea a small group of people went for a hike around town with Miss Townsend and Mrs L. After a great roast chicken and vegetable tea we got to go and play laser tag or sit around the bonfire and socialise. This was a very fun night!


Bright and early Wednesday morning the students had to wake up. People were running into doors and tripping over because they were very tired. The students had a go on the rock climbing wall and leap of faith and we headed home. After being stopped in a line of traffic in Port Augusta due to a car crash on the bridge, we arrived at Port Pirie for lunch. Following lunch we went bowling.
This was so funny to watch as it was the first time some of the students had ever bowled. We headed home and arrived in Maitland at about 5.30pm. The students had a great camp and learnt some new skills!

By Sophie and Georgia.