Goat Collection

As Spring approaches and with the Royal Adelaide Show only just around the corner it is time for the Ag Block to welcome new animals.

On Tuesday July 23rd our Year 9 class travelled to Coota Park, a goat stud owned by Margaret Miller situated between Moonta and Wallaroo. Here we saw a range of animals from mature bucks and does right down to tiny newborn kids.
Workman Andrew gave us a tour then allowed the students to select five goats to bring back to school. A clear favourite was Digby, an extremely friendly goat who had been hand raised and preferred people to goats!

Once our selections were made, we helped vaccinate and drench the goats, then toured the farm.

An unexpected highlight was witnessing the birth of brand new kid- we couldn’t have timed the excursion better if we’d tried!

Houdini Goat

On our return to school we unloaded our new arrivals and helped them settle in. Unfortunately crowd favourite Digby proved to be very troublesome, constantly escaping from any yard in which he was housed in order to make a beeline for humans! Whilst we could have continued to build higher fencing at school to keep him in, the pens at the Royal Show are only one metre high, so it was decided he should be returned to the farm and swapped for a quieter animal with less Houdini-like tendencies!

Our students in Years 8 and 9 have been walking the goats over the last two weeks and they are making excellent progress. We will be presenting them at the Kadina Show on August 18th, then again in Adelaide early September.
Come along and cheer on the CYS Goat Team!