Indigenous All-Stars Visit

It’s been a busy and exciting couple of weeks in the R-2 at Point Pearce Campus. On Tuesday the 19th February we were honoured to have eighty AFL Indigenous All-stars come and visit the school.

They arrived in two large buses and were served eggs and bacon sandwiches immediately on arrival. I think Eddie Betts was the Number One Player for both kids and community members!

It was a great community event with some inspirational speeches and traditional dance performances.

The highlight was the R-2 class performing a dance “Happy to Be Me” in front of all eighty footballers. This is a great song about connection to Country.
We had talked a lot about what an honour it was to perform in front of the Indigenous All-stars and about how it is important to feel a sense of pride in their dancing.

The students did not disappoint! They all performed fearlessly and with great spirit. They certainly did both the community and the school proud.
Congratulations to them all!

Kath Magarey (R-2)