Tech Time With Mr Jury

The children have been exploring and developing their skills in using tools such as hammer, nails and hot glue guns in their play. To support children’s interest in using authentic tools, we arranged a visit to the Senior Tech Room.

On Thursday the 27th of June, we were fortunate to be hosted by Mr Jury in the tech room. The children arrived with great excitement!

Mr Jury gave the children a tour of the area and gave a brief tutorial about how the drill and bandsaw work.

Children then had the opportunity to choose some materials and tools to make their very own creation. They each chose a few pieces of wood to either nail, glue or drill together. They used clamps to hold their wood together to allow the glue to dry.

The children had a wonderful time choosing their tools, deciding on what to construct, focussing on their projects and problem solving when things weren’t going to plan.

A big thank you to Mr Jury for making the time for us to visit and to share his skills and expertise. Both the children and educators are looking forward to returning to play with the ‘big tools’ again.