Woodhouse Camp

On Wednesday the 30th of October we left on a bus to go to our camp at The Woodhouse Activity Centre, near Piccadilly in the Adelaide Hills. Angas and Mrs. Lands took the school van as well. On the way we stopped at Dublin for recess. Eventually we arrived at Woodhouse. While waiting to check in, we saw our first koala.

After we unpacked and had our lunch. We went for a walk around the campsite. We then moved to our first activity which was Tube Sliding. This was lots of fun, we could choose between two different slides, one was straight and the other was curvy. It took a lot of energy to walk back up the hill with our tubes, but it was worth the effort.
Once we had our afternoon tea, we tackled Challenge Hill. There were 32 different obstacles to complete, we were able to do most of them. As it was quite hot, we especially enjoyed the obstacles that crossed the creek as we were able to cool off. After our yummy dinner, we watched a movie and celebrated Julian’s Birthday with cupcakes before bed.

Day 2

On our second day, we woke up early and enjoyed cereal, toast with bacon and eggs. After breakfast we met Matt our instructor who took us to the activity center, where we participated in team challenges which included, problem solving games where we had to work together as a group. After morning tea, we had a go at bouldering, this involved climbing a rock wall moving sideways. We all enjoyed the challenge and cheered each other on. After our barbecue lunch we moved onto our next activity.

After lunch we participated in laser skirmish, there were three teams. We had a great time battling against each other through the bush. The team called the winners won.
Later that afternoon, we went for a walk. We found some cute things like, ducks, ducklings, koalas and a kangaroo.

We went through a forest and found a huge, we had our photo taken on the log. In groups we had a competition to see who could make the largest pretend fire with a song, we all had a lot of fun. After our dinner, we were pretty tired and headed off to bed.

Day 3

The next day was our last day. After we packed up, we headed off our last activity which was the Labyrinth. It is a maze with riddles and clues, when you found the stairs you could see the next part of the maze. Another way to get to the next part of the maze was to find the slide. We had to complete all of the riddles to be finished.

After our morning tea is was time to leave Woodhouse, the bus came to pick us up and we made our way back to school with a quick stop for lunch at Dublin.
We all had a fantastic time, we can’t wait to go back next year!

2/3/4 students