Remembrance Day Assembly 2019

This term, students from Year 6 and 9 have collaborated to create the Remembrance Day Assembly. As part of their learning, we visited the Maitland War Memorial and learnt about it’s significance in representing those who fought and were killed in foreign countries.

We researched the role of various animals in war including: pigeons, horses, donkeys, camels, as well as how malaria-infected mosquitoes impacted the health of soldiers. Year 9 students also taught their partners about the places Australian fought in World War 1.

During the assembly, Georgia, Riley and Ben spoke to us about Sir Ross and Keith Smith’s involvement in aviation history and were accompanied by Jono, an aviation enthusiast.

Year 9 students commemorated a soldier or nurse that they had researched in HASS this year which was followed by the Last Port, played on the trumpet by Kira Davies.
We would like to thank parents and community members for attending and thank the Year 6 and 9’s for conducting the service.

Lauren Smith | HASS Teacher