Year 8 Laboratory Challenge

This term the Year 8 class have been studying elements, compounds, mixtures and solutions in Science. We have practised many techniques in the laboratory and recently completed ‘The Laboratory Challenge’. Each team of three students was provided with a beaker containing a mixture of iron filings, sand and salt- 20 grams of each substance.

The task was to separate the substances into their individual components then weigh them to see if any of the substances were lost or not separated completely. Students used three techniques – magnetic separation, filtration and evaporation to complete the task. With care and precision, all of our students achieved their goal and successfully completed the challenge!

Congratulations to our two winning teams, both of which ended up with a total error of only 7 grams!

  • Hilary Longstaff, Ashlee Radford, Kira Davies
  • Anthany McKay, Rory Brennan, Aidan Shipp

The Year 8 students are now working on a home project which involves designing a rubbish purification system based on their understanding of separating mixtures. The projects will be completed by week 10, ready to present to the school community in the last week of term.

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