CYS Music Programs 2020

Instrumental Music Lessons on Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone are offered to students in years 5 – 12. Lessons will commence in week 2 on Mondays and Wednesdays with a rotating timetable.

Senior Vocal Ensemble is open to students in years 7 – 12 and will run on Mondays either before school or at lunch time.

Festival Primary Choir will run Lesson 2 on Wednesdays and is open to students in years 4 – 7. This will start in week 3 and students in years 5/6/7 can have the opportunity to perform at the Festival theatre in September. All choir students are expected to commit for the full year.

Music Captain applications – Students in years 6 and 7 can apply for the role of Festival Choir Captain, years 9- 12 Senior Vocal Ensemble captain and Students 10 – 12 YP Concert Band Captain. Students are asked to write an expression of interest and place it in Mrs Schwartz’s pigeon Hole by Wednesday of week 2.

Senior YP Concert Band – will start in week 3 and run every Wednesday in the PAC from 3:30pm – 5pm. Students who have reached this standard will receive an invitation pack in week 2.

Special Note to Music Parents

  • Encourage your child to play or sing for family and friends.
  • Offer compliments and encouragement regularly.
  • Try to expose your child to a wide variety of music and access the internet and school libraries.
  • Listen to your child practice occasionally and acknowledge improvement however small.

How to Practice

All instrumental music and choir students are expected to record their homework and practice times in their school diary. Recommendations for practice – Primary 10 – 20 minutes a night, Secondary 20 – 30 minutes a night.

  • Always stand up or sit down correctly on a chair, good posture is very important. No bean bags or beds.
  • You may need a music stand or a suitable alternative like a book stand. Music and instrument stands are great birthday presents.
  • Set a time and have a space set aside somewhere in the house where you won’t be in anyone’s way.
  • Feel free to experiment, and remember nothing happens without effort!