It was great to see more than ever our students formally remember those who have volunteered or been conscripted to serve our nation.

My thoughts in the sobering dawn of an ANZAC Day service are often drawn to those young people, given that their age would match those of our current senior students. While there was no formal service, to see so many of our students out in their driveways filled me with pride.

We are fortunate to live in relatively peaceful times and even though there is turmoil in the world at the moment, I pray for peace to continue.

I was very humbled by all of our students who supported Anzac Day activities in the holidays. While we didn’t get out to the memorial or lay wreaths this year, to watch our students find ways to celebrate our servicemen and women made me truly proud to be a parent within our community. I watched my daughter prepare our family for a week before for the service and then led what we did on the morning of it. At that point in time I reflected and thought that this would have been the case for many of our households. ANZAC day will always have a special place in our hearts as a community and will live on regardless of what is happening around us.