Back For a Unique Start

And we’re BACK and what an unique start it has been! Despite the current situation it has been great to see students returning with enthusiasm as they continue to embrace the online learning platforms which are being provided across the Primary.
It was warming to see students faces as they saw one another in the yard on Monday and it was obvious that many had missed their friends and the social aspect that the school brings.

For us the excitement of the students was matched by our staff who have missed seeing a large number of our students face to face. Home classes were certainly buzzing in the morning and it was great to see those who were learning from home engaging with their peers over Zoom.

While we have certainly been busy here we would also like to thank and congratulate all the families who kept their children at home, while coping with working from home, home-schooling and the social and emotional stresses that all of this has entailed. We thank you greatly for your support and commend you for the way you have supported us in maintaining a positive learning environment for our students.
We look forward to what Term 2 will bring and hope all our students continue with the positive start they’ve made!

Chelsea Schmidt | Deputy Principal