Adelaide Uni STEM Scholarship

Congratulations to Year 11 student Oscar Arthur for being a successful applicant in Adelaide University’s STEM Scholarship for secondary school students.

The scholarship fund has been created to support high school students from under-represented groups to pursue science and mathematics (STEM) subjects at SACE Stage 1 and 2 level. The fund will support covering the cost of tutors, laptops, excursions or any other strategy that directly supports the student to achieve in their chosen STEM subjects and pathways.
Oscar is undertaking SACE Stage 1 Mathematical Methods and is very interested in developing his knowledge, skills and understanding in STEM.
Oscar, along with his mother Rebecca Arthur and myself attended the University of Adelaide on Tuesday February 16 to learn about the scholarship and recognise the many future opportunities in STEM.

We wish Oscar all the best with his final years of schooling and hope this scholarship will support Oscar to reach his goals of STEM learning at Adelaide University.