Kadina Show- Led Steers

Our year 11 Ag Show Team finally got to show case their skills with the steers on Sunday the 22nd of August at the Kadina Show. A few people met Mrs L. at the school in the morning to do a last minute clean of the steers and load them into the trailer. We were prepared to have a long and exhausting day and the excitement of exhibiting our top quality steers that we have fed, cleaned, trained and loved for 17 weeks was enough to get us through.

The Grand Parade

We all arrived at around 11am and unloaded the steers. We let them adjust to all the noise and different surroundings before cleaning them once again. We put the leather halters on and got ready for the Grand Parade. Kennie led Tank, our Shorthorn from Bayview Stud, and I led Ted, the Murray Grey from Ashvell Stud. Unfortunately Ted was a challenge to control in the parade but settled down by the second lap. I believe the preparation we had completed pre show with introducing various stimuli and building a bond allowed for this. We placed 4th overall as our competitors were very well presented.

Virtual online show

We took photos while the steers were looking smart and relaxed, as we are entering another competition. It is a virtual online show run by ATASA. We will hear back of those results in a weeks time.
We then took the steers back to their area to get ready for the show ring. Tammie, Georgia, Kennie and myself were arranged into 4 heats, each leading twice.

The heats were judged by Amy Nankivell. They were judged on the handlers showmanship skills rather than the steers. Our steers were definitely the best presented on the day as they were in excellent condition (Ted 527kg and Tank 488kg), had great fat cover, were cleaned and clipped.


I placed first in the first heat, along with Kennie in second. Tammie placed second in the third heat. I advanced through to the finals and placed second overall for the day. I had definitely put in the effort with coming in on weekends, researching online, listening to previous students and teachers but it was a team effort from my classmates that also made it possible.
I was surprised how well behaved the steers were considering the completely new environment they were exposed to. Ted was a challenge as the day advanced as he was tired from all the leading and warm weather. However, a little honey on the tongue got him going again. We reloaded the steers back up and returned to school. We now have 2 weeks to settle and feed them well as they are entered in a third competition which is run by the Royal Adelaide Show and the Beef Cattle Association. It revolves around their carcass and their meat eating qualities.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Danny Le Feuvre for his help throughout the day in bringing his strength and calmness.