Creative Education

With the current COVID 19 situation and our Community in Lockdown, the staff have been very busy developing creative ways to cater for the learning needs of all of our children.

At present our staff have had their visiting permits revoked by the Bio-Security Team until further notice. This was only known during the second half of the second week of holidays.

This now means that the R-2 children will be learning online through their iPads, and no Early Years or Junior Primary lessons are being held at our site. At present our team is working out of the Flex Room at the Maitland Campus.
Some of our children who live outside of the Point Pearce Community will have access to the Maitland Campus and receive ongoing support from our own Intervention Team.
Miss Amanda working with Edward.

This first week back the team have been extremely busy preparing resources and lessons for our children. Many have been busy during the holidays as well.

During Week 1 three of our team received permission to visit Point Pearce Campus to distribute the necessary devices for online learning to happen but unfortunately the devices have not arrived (yet!)

We are not sure how long we are going to be excluded from working at the Point Pearce Campus, but are all looking forward very much to getting back there working face to face with our children.

Dave Love | Head of Point Pearce