Tom & Jerry Update

Last week Tom and Jerry got tailed. They are also being fed twice a day instead of three times a day.

I have noticed that when they are ready for dinner, they will start to jump on you like dogs.

They live in a very small paddock where the school keeps the pigs. In the paddock there is a small shed were Tom and Jerry sleep. Next to the paddock is were the other sheep walk past to get to the feeder.

Tom and Jerry like to go up to the fence on the other side of the paddock and say “hi” to the seven goats the school has. Both Tom and Jerry’s tails have fallen off.
On the weekend Tom had bloat. That is where your stomach fills up with gas bubbles. This week Jerry got sick because he was eating the pigs food. It’s ok now because he is drinking full bottles of his milk.

By Sophie Davies (year 7)