Ag Block News

We’ve all tried counting sheep, right? But did you know that sheep can’t count!! Well at least our sheep don’t seem to have the knack!

We have recently started welcoming new lambs into the Ag Block as our ewes delight us with new arrivals.

Whilst our single lambs haven’t posed a problem, our twins are another story. So, in order to make sure our mums don’t forget they actually have TWO babies, the new arrivals have been moved to a smaller paddock with extra feed.

Our Year 7-9 students have been keeping a careful eye on all the babies to make sure they are all finding a drink and are thriving.
Our other ‘babies’ in the Ag Block are Stanley, Terry and Diesel, three new calves which are being bottle fed by our 7/8 classes. After an early hiccup with a runaway Stanley and a slightly ill Diesel, we now have three happy, healthy boys who look forward to their bottle of milk each lunch time.
Along with our steers and pigs, the Ag Block is now very full. Staff and students are busy seven days a week making sure everything is running smoothly. Our goats will arrive later in the term and then it will be all systems go in preparation for the Show.

If you would like any more details about our Ag program, please ask one of our students or contact Jaynelle Lefeuvre or Sarah Townsend.