Introducing Stanley, Terry and Diesel

The Ag Block at CYS got some new cups of joy when the baby calves arrived on the Tuesday afternoon of Week 3.

The Year 7/8 Townsend and the Year 7/8 Stutley get the privilege of bottle feeding them. You might notice that I only said two classes when there are three calves, that is because we were only meant to get two, but they came as a pack. It was either three or none.

So, Miss Townsend gets the third one which she has named Stanley. The Year 7/8 Townsend class have named theirs Terry and 7/8 Stutley have named theirs Diesel.

If you read my articles last year you would know what I’m talking about when I say Tom and Jerry. Unfortunately, Jerry got his head stuck in the feeder last year and died and Tom, well you know what happens to sheep when they go on the truck.

On Thursday of Week three some students went to feed the calves. When one of the students was moving them into the shed to feed them, Stanley snuck through the gate and got out. He ran all the way out to the road but don’t worry because the road was fenced off. Anyway, as he was running, the students spotted one of the twin lambs all by itself.

We took him into the shed while we were feeding the calves. The boys came out to bring the sheep in so that the mother could reunite with the lamb with its mother.

To find out more please stay tuned and keep an eye out or maybe two, for my articles.