Stage 1 Biology Disinfection experiment

The Year 11 Biology class conducted an experiment to see if hand sanitiser, soap or both would be more effective at disinfecting their hands. They collaborated with the R/ 1 class and used them as their test subjects. The class was divided into three groups and swabbed prior to using a substance. The results showed that the most effective way to clean hands was using a mixture of both. However, the group who just washed hands hand effective results too. Two test subjects, George and Eva, were interviewed:

Which substance do you think will work better? (soap or sanitiser)
George – both will work best!
Eva- soap will work better because the water washes the germs away

What did you enjoy?
When we got to see the germs at the end

What agar plate will have more germs (before or after)
Before because we hadn’t washed our hands

What did you think after you saw the germs?
Eva – That the germs look terrible and I’m going to wash my hands properly so I can get rid of them.