Making Connections

The Point Pearce R-2 Class has been integrating storytime, Maths and Science in our afternoon sessions making connections across subjects and emphasising common concepts. Integration focuses on:

“Making connections for students, allowing them to engage in relevant, meaningful activities and connecting those activities to real life. and the world around them.”

Last week we read ‘The Potato People’ (by Pamela Allen) and made potato people as part of the Creative Play component of InitiaLit. This involved first making potato people on paper, and then making them with real potatoes. This was a great lead into our Maths lessons around 2D and 3D shapes. You can see some of our great art work on the page opposite. In Science we looked at the life cycle of plants such as potatoes and have started growing wheat plants from seeds.

Research shows that students not only create more real world connections in integrated learning, but are more actively engaged and are exposed to skills multiple times..